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Subnautica Base - How to Build a Base in Subnautica

One of the main mechanics of Subnautica is the creation of underwater bases. These bases serve as operational hubs where you can store resources and safeguard your underwater vehicles like the Seamoth or Prawn Suit. You can also place fabricators in them to create new items.

Building and upgrading your base helps unlock advanced technology and enables progression in the game. Power systems, such as connecting thermal plants to geothermal vents or utilizing solar energy, are vital for a reliable energy supply.


Underwater base

Keep in mind that many of the compartments and rooms need to be researched first before being used. Some of the most important ones, like the multi-purpose room or the observatory, can be found on the Floating Island, while many interior decorations can be discovered by exploring the Aurora.

How to start and expand a base in subnautica - Building guide

To build an underwater base, you first need to find a suitable location on the ocean floor where you want to establish it. You can use the building tool to place the foundations and structures of the base. Underwater bases can be constructed in different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs and available resources.


Subnautica Base

Once you have established the base's foundations, you can start adding different compartments, rooms, and corridors to expand your base. You can use materials collected from the underwater environment, such as metals, crystals, and other resources, to build and decorate your base.

Inside the underwater base, you can place fabricators that allow you to create a variety of useful items, such as tools, survival equipment, vehicles, and upgrades for them. You can also install power terminals, such as solar panels or nuclear reactors, to provide power to your base and the devices you have installed in it.



Underwater bases also provide a secure storage area for your gathered resources and underwater vehicles like the Seamoth or Prawn Suit. You can construct a moon pool where you can safely store and customize your vehicles, allowing you to personalize their names and colors while keeping them protected.



It can also be interesting to allocate dedicated rooms for resource storage, so you can keep them well organized for when you need to use the fabricator. Remember that being organized will help you progress much more quickly.



Don't forget to decorate your base! You can use windows, vegetation, and other objects for decoration. Keep in mind that using windows may reduce the structural integrity of your base, so you should use bulkheads or reinforcements.



Subnautica base location - Where to build your base

The most optimal and popular location for beginners to build their base is near the surface in shallow waters. This choice offers convenient access to sunlight, making solar energy a viable and reliable power source. Moreover, the area is abundant with resources such as fish and coral, which can be highly beneficial for sustenance and crafting purposes. This location is at a moderate distance from all the biomes and is roughly situated in the center of the map.


Shallow Water

As you progress technologically in the game, the possibility of creating bases in other biomes such as the Floating Island, the Kelp Forest, or even underwater caves emerges. However, keep in mind that each of these areas will have energy limitations, as solar panels may not be viable in many of them. Therefore, you will need to unlock technologies such as thermal plants or nuclear reactors to address the energy needs in these locations.

Remember, wherever you decide to build your base, ensure you have access to necessary resources, plan for power sustainability, and consider the proximity to important landmarks and areas of interest. Keep in mind that if you build your base too far away from all the points of interest, you will have to spend a lot of time and resources traveling across the map.