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Subnautica Islands - Floating Island Location and Mountain Island in Subnautica

One of the most emblematic locations you can find in Subnautica are the islands. There are several of these islands, with three of them standing out: the Floating Island, the Mountain Island, and the Underwater Islands.

Finding these islands is crucial for advancing the game's story and understanding what is happening on this alien planet. Additionally, these islands are valuable for acquiring blueprints needed to build our underwater bases. Thorough exploration of these islands will not only uncover the planet's secrets but also offer opportunities to create secure shelters beneath the ocean's surface.


Floating Island

Floating island location in subnautica

The Floating Island stands out due to its vibrant vegetation. This island is actually floating, supported by ancient floaters beneath it. These ancient floaters are enormous creatures that cling to the seabed and raise massive land masses.

Exploring the Floating Island offers tons of hidden secrets. You can investigate the terrestrial plants that inhabit this island. The island is also home to abandoned bases and structures, providing clues about the game's lore.


Ancient Floaters

To locate this island, we must search for the fog in the direction of the back of the Aurora. This fog will dissipate as we get closer, and we will catch a glimpse of the island.



The floating island features several abandoned structures and bases. Exploring these areas is crucial for progressing in the game. Investigating these structures allows you to unlock a multitude of modules that will greatly expand your underwater base. Additionally, you unlock the ability to create indoor crops, eliminating the need to rely solely on fishing.


Abandoned Base

It's crucial to navigate carefully and be prepared for unexpected encounters while traversing the island's dense forests and rocky terrain. The Floating Island is an essential location in Subnautica, it offers a mix of beauty, resources, and mysteries that you should uncover.

Mountain and Alien island location in subnautica

The mountain island is a massive volcanic island that emerges from the ocean. It is known for its mountainous landscape, with steep cliffs and underground caves. At the base of the mountain, you will find a precious alien sanctuary. There are also abandoned facilities that contain important information for the game's storyline.


Mountain Island

We can locate this island by looking for the second fog that appears on the map, but this time, in the direction of the front of the Aurora. Keep in mind that the floating island and the mountain island are located in opposite directions.


Alien Base

Where to find Underwater island in subnautica

The Underwater Islands is a biome formed by a group of islands that, similar to the main Floating Island found on the surface, are supported by ancient floaters. In this biome, we can find a wide variety of flora and fauna that encourages exploration.


Underwater Island

These underwater floating islands can be found in the vicinity of the Mountain Island, by diving into the depths. Keep in mind that dangerous creatures inhabit this area, so it is advisable to explore with caution.


Underwater Island Biome