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Subnautica Aurora - Door Codes and Tips for Exploring This Massive Ship

One of the first steps to progress in Subnautica's storyline is to access the Aurora and discover all the opportunities that the ruins of this ship provide.

Subnautica Aurora codes

These codes allow for the complete exploration of the Aurora and are crucial for opening the doors to various rooms. They can be obtained from the in-game PDA data. The aurora door codes are:

  • Laboratory: 6483
  • Cargo bay: 1454
  • Crew quarters number 1: 1869
  • The captain's quarters: 2679

How to explore the Aurora


It's important to note that there are scattered wreckage of this ship throughout the map, where we can obtain blueprints for different fragments such as the Sea Glider, Seamoth, or Laser Cutter, which are essential to access the main ship.


Aurora Ship

It's crucial to keep in mind that in order to access the Aurora, the core must first explode, creating a breach on the side of the ship for entry.

Be careful with the radiation:

As a result of the explosion, a substantial amount of radiation is released, so you should equip yourself with a radiation suit, which can be crafted at the fabricator using two Fiber Mesh and two Lead. This step is crucial when exploring the Aurora since approaching it without the suit will reduce your health points.


Ship Debris

Aurora exploration guide

Let's now begin the exploration of the Aurora. Once you have the aforementioned items, it's also essential to have means of quickly traversing through water, preferably the Seamoth, as the area where the Aurora is located is infested with Reaper Leviathans. Therefore, it's important to spend as little time as possible in that area.

Essential Tools:

The essential items for exploring the Aurora are the radiation suit, laser Cutter, propulsion Cannon, fire extinguishers, repair Tool, food and water.


Aurora Door

Lower Section:

To approach the Aurora, it's recommended to move along the side wall of the ship until you find the breach for entry. This way, you can avoid the Leviathans and other dangers.

Once you park the Seamoth, the first thing you'll see is an entrance obstructed by various boxes and objects like desks. To access the interior, you must use the Propulsion Cannon to move these objects and clear the doorway.

Once inside, it's important to use fire extinguishers to put out the fires. In the first hallway, you can find two rooms.

The right room contains the black box, which can be accessed using the Laser Cutter, and inside, you'll find a data terminal. The left room is the laboratory, which can be accessed using the code: 6483. In this room, you can find some supplies as well as a data terminal.


Laser Door

Upper Section:

Once you've explored the lower section of the ship, it's time to move on to the upper section. To access it, you must exit to the exterior and look for the way up, utilizing the remains of the Aurora to climb.

Once you find the upper door, you must be cautious of the fire present. Upon entry, you can find signs indicating the location of several rooms. If you start by exploring the right side of the hallway, you'll come across the administration office, where you'll find a data terminal.



The Cargo Bay:

If you proceed in the opposite direction, you'll reach the cargo bay. To access the cargo bay, you'll need the code: 1454. If you continue exploring, you'll reach the Seamoth Bay, which can be accessed by using the Repair Tool to fix the damaged door cables. Inside this room, you can find some Seamoth fragments, which are very useful if you haven't unlocked it yet.


Code Door

The Aurora's Core:

The next room you encounter is significant. In this room, you'll find the Aurora's core. You can repair the damaged core by using the Repair Tool and identifying all the repairable areas in the room, which are numerous. If you successfully complete this task, the Aurora's core will be able to contain the radiation.


Seamoth Bay

Prawn Suit Bay:

Next, if you continue along the hallway and use the Laser Cutter, Repair Tool, and fire extinguishers, you'll reach the locker room area and the Prawn Suit Bay. In this room, you'll find numerous Prawn Suit fragments, which will allow you to unlock its construction.

This suit is highly useful for exploring complex areas and has great utility as it enables you to mine large resource deposits, thus accelerating collection and exploration.



Explore the crew quarters using the aurora codes:

If you climb the stairs in the Prawn Suit Bay, you'll reach the Aurora's crew quarters. In this section, you'll find clues about the history of the Aurora, and you'll be able to access two locked rooms with codes.

The first one is crew quarters 1, and you can access it using the code: 1869. Inside, you'll find lore fragments. On the other hand, you can access the captain's quarters with the code: 2679. In this room, you'll find a data terminal as well as a miniature replica of the Aurora.


Prawn Suit Bay

In this way, we've finished exploring the entire ship! There are some secret passages connecting certain areas of the ship, but undoubtedly, the most important aspects of the ship are the Seamoth and Prawn Suit fragments. It's also crucial to repair the core to prevent radiation leaks.



With all this information, you are now ready to explore the Aurora on your own, discover every corner, passageway, and secret room, and investigate all possible fragments, in order to ultimately unlock the Prawn Suit and Seamoth.