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Subnautica Nuclear Reactor - Fragments Location, Unlock and Build

When it comes to building new bases in Subnautica and exploring the depths, it's important to consider how you will obtain energy. If you've just started the game and have built a base on the surface, then using solar panels may be sufficient to generate power. However, as you progress in the story, it may be interesting to build other bases in the depths, but for that, you'll need to resort to other ways of obtaining energy.


Subnautica Nuclear Reactor

One of the ways to obtain energy is through a nuclear reactor. These reactors are tremendously efficient and can generate up to 250 units of energy per minute. These reactors have a capacity for a total of four reactor rods, which can produce a total of up to 20,000 units of energy.


Nuclear Reactor Menu

Subnautica Nuclear Reactor Fragments

To build the nuclear reactor, it is first necessary to locate and investigate three fragments. These fragments can commonly be found in the wrecks of the Aurora.

The nuclear reactor fragments are located underwater near the Mountain Island, within an Aurora wreck. In this area, you can also find other fragments for research. Proceed with caution, as there is a possibility of encountering Reaper Leviathans in the area.


Nuclear Reactor

Once investigated, the nuclear reactor can be constructed using the habitat builder. For this, you will need three units of lead, one unit of plasteel ingot, and an advanced wiring kit.

How to use the nuclear reactor in Subnautica

The fuel used by the nuclear reactor is reactor rods, which can be crafted from three units of uraninite, and one unit of titanium, lead, and glass. Once a reactor rod is depleted, it can be deposited in the nuclear waste disposal to be permanently eliminated.


Empty Nuclear Reactor

The uraninite used to craft the reactor rods can be obtained from the seabed, both in its unit form and in large deposits, which can be mined using the robotic arm of the Prawn Suit to collect it more efficiently.

Ultimately, building a nuclear reactor in Subnautica can be very useful in certain biomes where there is access to vast reserves of uraninite and where other energy sources like thermal or solar power cannot be utilized.