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Subnautica Seamoth Guide - How to Upgrade, Recharge and Repair

To explore the vast underwater world of Subnautica you need a reliable underwater vehicle. The Seamoth is the easiest and most basic one to obtain. Plus, the ability to add upgrades makes it a versatile vehicle that allows you to navigate through a wide variety of biomes. Together with the Cyclops, they form a combination that enables you to venture into the depths of the sea.



The following guide will explain how to unlock this submarine, how to build it, what upgrades can be applied to it, how to store it in your underwater base, but also how to maintain it, recharge its batteries, and repair it in case it's damaged.

How to unlock and build the seamoth in subnautica

Exploring the vast depths of Subnautica's underwater world requires a reliable submersible vehicle, and the Seamoth fits the bill perfectly. As the most basic and easily obtainable underwater vehicle, the Seamoth is essential for navigating the map. By collecting scattered fragments, you can unlock and construct your very own Seamoth, granting you access to uncharted territories.


Portable Vehicle Bay

To find these fragments, you must search the underwater wrecks of the Aurora., which are scattered throughout the map. You need a total of 3 fragments to unlock it. Keep in mind that if you are able to swim to the Aurora, there is a room called the Seamoth Bay, where you can directly find the three pieces without the need for further exploration.


Upgrade Console

Next, in order to build the Seamoth, you must first unlock the Mobile Vehicle Bay. To do this, you also need to find three fragments of this item in wrecks that will allow you to construct it. Once you have it, hold it in your hand and release it on the water's surface. A menu will appear, allowing you to build various vehicles, including the Seamoth.

How to upgrade Seamoth in Subnautica

What makes the Seamoth truly exceptional is its versatility and upgradability. Once you have your Seamoth, you can enhance its capabilities through various upgrades. From the Hull Upgrade Module, which provides added protection against collisions and damage, to the Depth Module that enables you to explore greater depths.

But the Seamoth's perks don't stop there. With the moonpool, a dedicated module in your underwater base, you can conveniently store and recharge your Seamoth. Acting as a docking station, the Moonpool ensures your submersible is always accessible and ready for your next adventure.


Upgrade Console

To customize your Seamoth and add upgrades, you need to create the Vehicle Upgrade Console, which can be placed inside the Moonpool. Additionally, using the fabricator integrated into this console, you can construct upgrades that will enhance the Seamoth's capabilities.

  • Depth Module: Increases the Seamoth's diving depth, allowing you to explore deeper areas and discover new biomes and resources.

  • Power Efficiency Module: Reduces the Seamoth's energy consumption, extending the battery life and allowing for longer exploration without needing to recharge.

  • Torpedo System: Adds a torpedo launcher to the Seamoth, enabling you to defend against and attack hostile creatures with different types of projectiles.

  • Sonar Module: Provides a visual representation of nearby objects and creatures in a wide area around the Seamoth, aiding navigation and detecting potential dangers.



  • Perimeter Defense System: Creates a protective force field around the Seamoth, repelling hostile creatures and preventing damage to the vehicle.

  • Hull Reinforcement Module: Increases the Seamoth's hull strength and durability, allowing it to withstand more damage from collisions or aggressive creature attacks.

  • Internal Storage: Adds storage space inside the Seamoth, allowing you to carry more resources and equipment while exploring without needing to return to your base as frequently.

How to recharge and repair the seamoth in subnautica

What should you do if the Seamoth runs out of power? To recharge the Seamoth, simply go to the bottom of the vehicle from the exterior and replace the power cell located there. However, be cautious, as if your vehicle runs out of power at a great depth, you may become stranded.



On the other hand, colliding with the seafloor or large aquatic creatures can significantly reduce the Seamoth's health points. If it becomes severely damaged, it will eventually sink and be lost completely. To repair it, you need to use the repair tool.


Stuck Seamoth

What to do if my seamoth gets stuck

There are situations where the Seamoth can get stuck, whether it's inside the Aurora or on the beach of one of the islands. If you have a Prawn Suit, you can gently collide with the Seamoth to gradually move it. However, keep in mind that this may reduce the Seamoth's health.

Another way to unblock it is by using the propulsion cannon to launch objects at it. Again, be aware that this may damage the Seamoth. In many cases, it may be easier to construct a new Seamoth instead.


Stuck Seamoth