Delta calculator


KSP Delta V Calculator & Map

Our Delta V calculator simplifies the planning of your space missions.

Thanks to the Delta V map, you can make estimates that will help you build your rockets and spacecraft based on the destination you want to reach.




Interactive Maps

Interactive maps make it easy to move around in video games.

These maps show you different areas, special places, where to find things, secret spots, and more.

Check out the maps for Satisfactory, Subnautica, and Subnautica Below Zero, that will allow you to progress quickly in your adventures.

Minecraft circle generator & color selector

The Minecraft Circle Generator is a tool that enables you to design circles for implementation in your Minecraft builds.

You can choose the desired circle size, and the tool will provide you with a blueprint.

With the color selector, you can obtain codes to change the color of signs or commands in Minecraft.



Improve your gaming experience

As a avid gamer, you may sometimes find yourself lost or unsure about what to do in a particular situation.

In such cases, it's most convenient to follow a guide that clears up any doubts and improves your gaming experience!

In this section, you'll discover guides for numerous games that you'll undoubtedly find extremely useful.

Cross-platform Finder

This tool makes it easy to find out which gaming platforms support your favorite titles.

Block Palette Generator

Create colorful color palettes for your constructions in Minecraft.

Mouse Tools and Guides

Sync your sensitivity across different games, ensuring a smooth experience, thanks to the sensitivity converter and eDPI calculator.