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Subnautica Prawn Suit - How to Find Fragments, Arms and Upgrades

The Prawn Suit is an advanced vehicle in Subnautica. It is a powerful tool for exploring the underwater depths and accessing areas and biomes that would otherwise be difficult to reach.


Prawn Suit

The Prawn Suit is designed to allow you to walk on the seabed, giving you the ability to move freely and explore the environment in more detail. It also features a variety of interchangeable arms that you can equip to develop different abilities.

Prawn suit fragments location and map

To unlock the Prawn Suit, it is essential to explore the Aurora. You can find the fragments that allow you to research it in the Prawn Suit Bay. To access this room, you will first need to open locked doors in the Aurora that require codes. You can find these codes, as well as the necessary information to explore the Aurora, in the following guide.

Once you have unlocked the Prawn Suit, please note that in order to construct it, you will need to research the Portable Vehicle Bay first. The Portable Vehicle Bay can be unlocked by collecting three fragments found in various Aurora wreckage sites scattered throughout the map.

These fragments can be located and scanned to obtain the necessary blueprint for the Portable Vehicle Bay. Once you have successfully researched and acquired the blueprint, you will be able to build the Portable Vehicle Bay and subsequently construct the Prawn Suit.


Prawn Suit Fragments

Subnautica prawn suit arms

The Prawn Suit in Subnautica comes equipped with various interchangeable arms that enhance its functionality and versatility. These arms allows you to customize the Prawn Suit based on your exploration and survival needs.

One of the notable arms available is the Grappling Arm, which provides an essential mobility tool. With the Grappling Arm, you can launch a grappling hook and swiftly propel yourself towards it, enabling quick traversal through complex underwater terrains and vertical exploration.

Another useful arm is the Drill Arm, which grants the Prawn Suit the ability to excavate and gather valuable resources. By equipping the Drill Arm, you can effortlessly extract raw materials and mine mineral deposits, expanding your resource collection capabilities.



If you are seeking offensive capabilities, the Torpedo Arm is a formidable choice. This arm equips the Prawn Suit with explosive projectile launchers, allowing you to defend yourself against aggressive creatures or even engage in combat when necessary.

The Claw Arm enables the Prawn Suit to manipulate and interact with objects in the environment, facilitating tasks such as moving debris or retrieving items.


Prawn Suit

The Propulsion Arm can indeed be used to grab objects and launch them over long distances, similar to what you can do with the basic tool. With the Propulsion Arm equipped, you can manipulate and interact with objects in the environment, allowing you to grab items or debris and propel them with force.

With the ability to interchange arms based on your specific needs, you can adapt your Prawn Suit to different situations and challenges.

Subnautica prawn suit upgrades

The Prawn Suit in Subnautica features a variety of modular upgrades that enhance its capabilities and provide you with increased functionality and survivability during your underwater exploration.

The Depth Module allows the Prawn Suit to withstand greater pressure as you venture into deeper and more treacherous areas of the ocean. With each depth module upgrade, your Prawn Suit can reach new depths and unlock access to previously inaccessible regions.

The Thermal Reactor module harnesses the power of thermal energy, enabling your Prawn Suit to recharge its power cells by utilizing the natural heat sources found in volcanic environments. This module ensures that you can sustain your expeditions for longer periods without worrying about running out of power.


Prawn Suit Back

The Jump Jet Upgrade enhances the mobility of your Prawn Suit by providing powerful thrusters that allow for impressive vertical leaps. With this upgrade, you can reach higher platforms, evade dangerous creatures, and explore areas that would otherwise be out of reach.

The Hull Reinforcement module reinforces your Prawn Suit's chassis, increasing its durability and resistance to damage from hostile creatures and environmental hazards.

The Storage Module offers additional storage compartments, allowing you to carry more resources, tools, and equipment during your underwater expeditions.

The Engine Efficiency Module conserves power and makes your Prawn Suit's thrusters more efficient, allowing you to explore underwater for longer periods without worrying about running out of energy.



How to repair and recharge the prawn suit in subnautica

The Prawn Suit, just like the Seamoth, can be easily recharged and repaired to keep it in optimal condition. When it comes to recharging, all you need to do is replace its batteries with fresh ones.

By utilizing the repair tool, you can fix any damages or wear and tear that the Prawn Suit may have endured. This tool allows you to quickly and efficiently restore the functionality of your Prawn Suit.

What to do if your prawn suit gets stuck

If your Prawn Suit gets stuck in a certain area of the map, you can use the Propulsion Cannon to try and launch an object at it to dislodge it. However, be cautious as this action may cause damage to the Prawn Suit.


Stuck Prawn Suit