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Subnautica Leviathans - Size comparison and Leviathan Types

Leviathans are gigantic creatures that inhabit different biomes. Due to their immense size and strength, they restrict the player's exploration, preventing them from venturing into new areas and adding a significant survival element to the game.

Understanding the behavior of the Leviathans is crucial in order to avoid them and ensure survival. It is essential to know which territories are dominated by the Leviathans and how to navigate through them.

Reaper Leviathan

The Reaper Leviathan is one of the first hostile creatures you encounter when starting a game for the first time. Its immense size and strength greatly hinder exploration. They can be found in the Dunes, Mountains, and the Aurora Crash Zone.


Reaper Leviathan

These Leviathans can easily take down the Seamoth or the Prawn Suit, so it is important to explore with caution.

Reefback Leviathan

The Reefback Leviathan is a friendly creature. The first time you encounter one of these colossi as a player, you might initially think it's hostile. However, its sole intention is to roam the depths.



One of the most important features of this Leviathan is that it carries a micro-biome on its back, composed of corals and other life forms, bringing vitality to the world of Subnautica.

Sea Treader Leviathan

The Sea Treader Leviathan is truly fascinating as you progress in the game. This leviathan won't attack you unless provoked or if you get in its way. Its main feature is that while moving across the seafloor, it can unearth shale outcrops, which the player can break by hand to obtain valuable resources.


Sea Treader

This peculiar leviathan can be found in the Sea Treader Path and the Grand Reef, although it's important to note that they are nomadic.

Ghost Leviathan

The size of the ghost leviathan makes it one of the largest hostile creatures in the entire game. Its appearance is truly terrifying. If you come across them, the chances of them destroying the Cyclops or Seamoth you're using for transportation are really high. In any case, the areas and biomes they inhabit are truly limited.


Ghost Leviathan

They can be found in the Northern Blood Kelp Zone, in the Grand Reef, although the habitat where the largest number is found is the Crater Edge.

Sea Dragon Leviathan

The Sea Dragon Leviathan is the largest hostile creature in Subnautica. Its enormous size, combined with its great strength, makes it the toughest creature in the game. It can be found in the Lava Lakes and the Inactive Lava Zone.


Sea Dragon

Without a doubt, it's a creature you should avoid as much as possible, although keep in mind that since it is located in such a crucial area for the story, the lava biome, you will eventually have to face it.

Sea Emperor Leviathan

The Sea Emperor Leviathan is the largest Leviathan and, therefore, the largest creature in the game. Its story is shrouded in mystery, and it is up to the player to uncover it throughout the game.


Sea Emperor

In order to find it, you will have to explore the entire map, from the wreckage of the Aurora to alien structures and facilities, as well as islands and scattered ruined bases across different biomes.

Leviathan size comparison

When comparing the sizes of the various Leviathans in Subnautica, a clear distinction emerges:

The Sea Treader Leviathan, with an estimated size of around 20 meters, is one of the smaller Leviathans in the game.

Sea Treader Leviathan (~20m)

Next up is the Reaper Leviathan, measuring around 55 meters. While significantly larger than the Sea Treader, it still falls short in size when compared to some of the other Leviathans.

Reaper Leviathan (~55m)

Moving further up the scale, we encounter the Reefback Leviathan, which reaches an impressive size of around 70 meters.

Reefback (~70m)

The Ghost Leviathan and the Sea Dragon Leviathan share a similar stature, both measuring around 110 meters. These Leviathans dominate their surroundings, instilling fear with their colossal frames and formidable strength.

Ghost Leviathan (~110m)

Sea Dragon Leviathan (~110m)

Finally, we reach the pinnacle of Leviathan size with the Sea Emperor Leviathan, standing at approximately 200 meters. As the largest known Leviathan, it truly reigns supreme, dwarfing all other creatures in Subnautica.

Sea Emperor Leviathan (~200m)