Subnautica Magnetite: How to Find Magnetite and What Can Be Crafted with It

Magnetite is a raw material used in Subnautica to craft some advanced items. Its difficulty in obtaining lies in the need to explore new biomes. It can be directly obtained from the seabed as it is visible to the naked eye. If you have the Prawn Suit's drill arm, it can also be obtained from large resource deposits.

Magnetite is a raw material coveted for its versatility and usage in crafting advanced items. It is a crucial component for creating essential tools such as the Fabricator, Habitat Builder, Scanner Room Fabricator, and Cyclops Fabricator.

magnetite magnetitebiome

Subnautica magnetite locations

To obtain magnetite, players must venture into unexplored biomes. The biomes where magnetite can be found are: Inactive Lava Zone, Lava Castle, Jellyshroom Cave, Blood Kelp Zone, Mountains, Sea Treader's Path, Lost River, and Mountains Caves.

Upgrading your Scanner Room with the proper modules is crucial for improving your ability to locate magnetite in Subnautica. By installing these updates, you can expand the scanning range, enabling you to cover larger areas in your search for magnetite deposits. Additionally, these upgrades help to reduce the time and effort spent on searching, making your exploration more efficient.

One of the key advantages of a well-equipped Scanner Room is the ability to deploy cameras and drones, allowing you to survey vast underwater territories remotely. This minimizes the risks associated with venturing into potentially dangerous areas, ensuring your safety while maximizing your chances of finding valuable magnetite resources.

scannerroom prawnsuit

The use of the Prawn Suit in Subnautica becomes crucial for obtaining magnetite from resource deposits. Equipped with a specially designed drill arm, the Prawn Suit allows you to extract magnetite from large resource veins found in the ocean.

Approaching these veins, the player can activate the Prawn Suit's drill arm and penetrate the surface of the vein, collecting valuable magnetite fragments.

Obtaining magnetite in Subnautica requires exploration, strategic use of vehicles, and upgrades to scanning technology. With perseverance and careful planning, you can successfully locate this valuable resource and unlock new possibilities in the game.