Subnautica Cyclops: Guide to Unlocking and Building the King of the Depths

The Cyclops is an underwater vehicle that can be considered as a mobile operations base. It is the largest and most versatile vehicle available in subnautica. You can equip it with various upgrades to enhance its capabilities.

The Cyclops is capable of diving to much greater depths than other vehicles, allowing you to explore deeper and more dangerous areas of the ocean. Additionally, it has a large storage capacity, enabling you to carry supplies, equipment, and smaller vehicles with you.


To unlock the Cyclops in Subnautica, you will need to scan a total of nine fragments. Specifically, you need to find three fragments of each type: Cyclops Hull Fragments, Cyclops Engine Fragments, and Cyclops Bridge Fragments.

These fragments are scattered throughout the map, so you'll need to thoroughly explore to find them. It is recommended to use other vehicles like the Seamoth or Prawn Suit to carry out this exploration. Remember to keep an eye out for wrecks, caves, and other locations that may house these fragments.

To construct the Cyclops in Subnautica, you will need to make use of the Portable Vehicle Bay. Keep in mind that to use this construction station, you must find the three fragments required to build it. Once you have acquired all three fragments, you can deploy the Portable Vehicle Bay by placing it on the water's surface. Through the Portable Vehicle Bay, you can access a menu that allows you to construct the Cyclops.

cyclops cyclopscontrol

One of the great advantages of the Cyclops in Subnautica is its ability to transport and store other smaller vehicles. It features an integrated Moonpool, which is a specialized structure where you can house and dock both the Prawn Suit and the Seamoth.

The Moonpool is a kind of underwater docking bay located at the bottom of the Cyclops. To store a vehicle in the Moonpool, simply approach it with the vehicle and dock it inside. Once inside, the vehicle will be protected, secured, and also automatically recharged if it needs power.

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Subnautica cyclops upgrades

One of the notable features of the Cyclops is its upgradeability. You can install modules and upgrades in different parts of the vehicle to increase its efficiency and functionality. Some of the available upgrades include defense systems, supply capacity enhancements, and increased diving capabilities.

Cyclops Depth Module: This module allows you to increase the maximum depth the Cyclops can dive to. As you explore deeper areas, this module is crucial for accessing previously unreachable locations.

Engine Efficiency Module: This module reduces the Cyclops' power consumption, allowing you to use it for a longer period before needing to recharge its batteries. It's particularly useful if you plan to explore distant or extensive areas.

Sonar Module: This module allows you to have a 3D view of the surrounding terrain.

Creature Decoy Tube Module: The Creature Decoy Tube Module is an upgrade that equips the Cyclops with decoy devices to distract aggressive creatures.

Thermal Reactor Module: The Thermal Reactor Module is an upgrade that harnesses heat energy from surrounding thermal vents to recharge the Cyclops power cells.

Fire Suppression System Module: The Fire Suppression System Module is designed to extinguish fires that may occur on board the Cyclops.

Docking Bay Repair Module: The Docking Bay Repair Module is an upgrade that allows the Cyclops to automatically repair any docked vehicles, such as the Prawn Suit or Seamoth.

Shield Generator Module: The Shield Generator Module is an advanced defensive upgrade that creates a protective energy shield around the Cyclops. The shield provides temporary protection.

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How to recharge the cyclops in subnautica

The Cyclops has compartments for power cells, which are like batteries. You can carry additional power cells with you and swap them out when the ones you are using run out. To do this, open the power cell access panel in the Cyclops and replace the depleted cells with fully charged ones.

Please note that inside the Cyclops, you have lockers available to store all the resources and supplies you need. Additionally, it's important to be mindful of how you use the engine, as running it at maximum power for extended periods can potentially lead to fires.

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