Subnautica Bioreactor: Fueling and Construction of this Power Generator

The bioreactor in Subnautica is used to generate energy from organic materials. It can be a great way to generate power in biomes with abundant biomass where solar panels may not be an option. In deeper areas of the map where organic matter is not plentiful, other forms of energy generation, such as thermal plants or nuclear reactors, become more useful.

In any case, whenever possible, the use of solar panels is recommended as they can obtain energy automatically without player intervention. However, these panels have very limited energy storage capacity, so having a bioreactor can greatly increase the storage capacity, thereby increasing energy reserves.

Now that we know the uses of this bioreactor, how can we make it work? What fuel does it use to generate energy? It's important to note that since it's a bioreactor, the player will have to continuously input fuel to ensure its operation.

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Before you can construct the bioreactor, it is necessary to research it. To do so, you must find two fragments. These fragments can be easily found in the wrecks of the Aurora. To build the reactor, you will need three units of titanium, one unit of lubricant, and a wiring kit. This bioreactor can only be constructed in a multipurpose room. However, you can build up to four bioreactors in a large room.

The bioreactor is fueled with organic fuel. It can be interesting to resort to a plantation, which can be located inside or outside the base, to obtain unlimited organic fuel. You can also have an aquarium to store nearby fish, which can be later used as fuel.

These interior growbeds can be easily constructed within your base by ensuring you have enough space. To unlock them, you need to visit and explore the floating island until you find the abandoned surface bases.

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The bioreactor in Subnautica is a useful tool for generating power from organic materials. It's a great way to store extra energy, but you'll need to keep adding organic fuel to keep it running. Consider growing plants or keeping fish nearby to ensure a steady fuel supply