Subnautica Lithium: Guide to Locate, Collect and Craft Items

Lithium is a raw material in Subnautica used to manufacture a large number of technological items within the game. This lithium can be found on the seabed, both in loose form and in veins with large quantities of lithium. It can also be found on the surface. It can be found in the shallow cave system of the Mountain Island.

In Subnautica, lithium is used to manufacture a multitude of objects and structures. Among them is the Plasteel Ingot, which can be created in the fabricator and is a very useful lithium and titanium alloy in the game. On the other hand, when building the base, they are essential for creating reinforcements in the walls that allow you to improve the base's security.

It also allows for the creation of advanced items such as the Ultra High Capacity Tank or the Ultra-Glide Fins. Lastly, it is extremely useful for creating upgrade modules for underwater vehicles, as well as new robotic arms for the Prawn Suit.

lithium lithiumcave


Lithium can be found in the majority of biomes in the game. These are: Blood Kelp Caves, Mountains Caves, Deep Sparse Reef, Bone Fields Caves, Inactive Lava Zone Corridor, Mushroom Forest Caves, Sea Treader's Tunnel Caves, Mountains, Inactive Lava Zone, Sparse Reef, Grand Reef Caves, Bulb Zone Caves, Mushroom Forest, Bulb Zone, Lost River, Grand Reef, Crash Zone Mesas, Underwater Islands, Dunes, Blood Kelp Zone, Jellyshroom Cave, Crag Field, Underwater Islands Caves, Sea Treader's Path. If you want to find it without exploring too much, simply head to the Mountain Island and explore its cave system.

To facilitate its search, it is recommended to build a scanner room in the areas where you plan to search. This greatly simplifies the search process, as the cameras and various upgrades in the room allow you to avoid exposing yourself to the various dangers of the Subnautica underwater world.


On the other hand, keep in mind that large lithium veins appear throughout the map from which you can extract enormous amounts. These large deposits can only be mined using the Prawn Suit, specifically its drill arm. It can be essential to research this technology as it allows you to gather resources, including lithium and other materials, much more easily, enabling faster progress.