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KSP & KSP2 Delta v Map - Plan your missions with this Map!


How to use the Delta v Map

Go to the column corresponding to the planet or satellite you want to travel to, and add up the values as you move up.

If your intention is, for example, to reach low Mun orbit, simply position yourself in the low orbit box in the Mun column and add up the following values.

Kerbin low orbit (3400) + Mun intercept (860) + Mun low orbit (280) = 4540 m/s

KSP Delta v Chart

The KSP delta v chart is essential for approximating the delta v required to successfully complete a mission. With a simple glance, it allows you to know the energy cost of each stage of the journey.

The KSP delta v map is a crucial resource for carrying out missions of moderate to high complexity. Although other tools such as mods or calculators can be employed, it's remarkable how every mission originating from Kerbin is condensed into the delta v map

How to increase delta-v in KSP

Okay, you've just checked the delta v map and now you know the value you need to successfully complete your mission. But how can you increase it to meet your needs?

Firstly, you should use engines with greater efficiency and high specific impulse (Isp). On the other hand, you can also increase the fuel mass of the rocket (by adding new fuel tanks) or solid fuel boosters.

It is necessary to minimize the mass of the rocket that does not affect its propulsion, so it is highly recommended to divide the rocket into stages, so that you can get rid of empty fuel tanks as the launch progresses.

You can check the delta v of each stage in the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building).

Transfer window map

The map also contains information related to launch windows. Let's imagine the following situation: your intention is to reach Duna. You have consulted the delta v map and created a rocket suitable for the mission.

You launch it and manage to reach orbit without problems, everything is going according to plan. However, when you are about to perform the interplanetary maneuver, you realize that you need a delta v amount higher than indicated on the map. Why does this happen?

It is important to pay attention to the positions of Duna and Kerbin at the time of launch. In this particular case, Duna must be 44ยบ ahead of Kerbin's position for the interplanetary journey to be optimal.

Keep in mind that it is possible to reach Duna even if the launch window is not optimal, but the fuel consumption will be higher. It is also important to understand that the optimal window is not necessarily the fastest one.

KSP2 Delta v Map

Can this map be used as a KSP2 delta v map?

Given that the mass and characteristics of the planets in KSP2 are the same as those in the original version of the game, there is no inconvenience in using this map for KSP2 as well. Keep in mind that when new planets are added, as well as interstellar travel, this map will be updated to plan these trips as well.