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Satisfactory Trains - Signals, Loops, Stations and Train Networks

The first thing you need to do to create trains in satisfactory is to unlock tier 6 Monorail train technology in the hub (note that you will need a phase 2 space elevator). To achieve this, you will need the following materials and parts: 50 Computer, 100 Heavy modular frame, 500 Steel beam, 600 Steel pipe

  • Satisfactory Train Guide

  • How train signals work in satisfactory

  • How to solve signal loops into itself in satisfactory

  • Train station

  • Satisfactory train not loading



Satisfactory Train Guide

By following the previous steps you will unlock:

  • Electrive locomotive. 10 Heavy modular frame, 10 Motor, 15 Steel pipe, 5 Computer

  • Freight car. 4 Heavy modular frame, 10 Steel pipe

  • Railway. 1 Steel pipe, 1 Steel beam

  • Train station. 4 Heavy modular frame, 8 Computer, 50 Concrete, 25 Cable

  • Freight platform. 6 Heavy modular frame, 2 Computer, 50 Concrete, 25 Cable, 5 Motor

  • milestone


  • Fluid freight platform. 6 Heavy modular frame, 2 Computer, 50 Concrete, 25 Cable, 5 Motor

  • Empty platform. 6 Heavy modular frame, 50 Concrete

  • Empty platform with catwalk. 6 Heavy modular frame, 50 Concrete

  • Block signal. 2 Steel pipe, 1 Copper sheet, 2 Circuit board

  • Path signal. 2 Steel pipe, 1 Copper sheet, 1 Computer


Freight Platform

The electric locomotive moves the freight cars between stations. It consumes around 25-110 MW when driving it. You can power them by connecting the train station with the power lines. Freight cars can be loaded and unloaded at freight platforms. They have 32 slot spaces or 1600 m3 of capacity. Freight cars loading options can be set inside freight platforms.


Freight Car

How train signals work in satisfactory

Satisfactory train signals are one of the most important components for any railway network in Satisfactory. There are two types of signals: block signals and path signals. In this Satisfactory train signal guide, we will explain how these signals behave and how we can use them to increase the efficiency of resource transport.


Unidirectional Signals

Train signals are placed at the joints between the different sections of railway tracks. Keep in mind that signals are directional, meaning trains can only move in the direction of the signal. If your goal is to have bidirectional train movement, then make sure to place two signals, one on each side of the track.


Bidirectional Signals

These can be used to divide the track into sections or blocks. Each block in which the track is divided will be represented by a color. It is important to note that all entry and exit signals for a block must be of the same type (regardless of the complexity of the block).


Signal Divider

Block Signals:

Let's start by talking about block signals. They act like traffic lights, indicating to trains when to pass and when not to. A block that contains a part of a train will be considered occupied. If one of the trains is occupying a block, the signal will turn red and the rest of the trains will not be able to access it. If the player is manually controlling the train, they can ignore the signal and access that section of the track.


Green Signal Block

Path Signals:

Another type of signals are path signals. They are similar to block signals but designed for intersections and bidirectional tracks. This type of signal will only allow trains to enter the block when they can completely exit it without colliding with other trains. Essentially, they regulate the intersections of multiple tracks to avoid collisions.


Red Signal Block

How to solve signal loops into itself in satisfactory

If only one block signal is used along a closed track, the error "signal loops into itself" will appear. This can be solved by dividing the track into more sections or blocks, i.e., placing another block signal at another joint.


Loop Signal

Satisfactory train station

With the aim of transporting resources, locomotives will stop at assigned train stations. To power the railway network (trains consume energy), the train station must be connected to the power grid. We can instruct a train to stop at a specific station through the station's menu or directly from the train. Additionally, we can set the amount of time the train should spend at each station along its route.


Train Station

On the other hand, we have freight platforms that allow for loading and unloading of resources from train cars. These freight platforms have two conveyor belt entrances and two exits that connect them with the rest of the factory. These platforms can also handle the loading and unloading of liquids.


Freight Platform Conveyor Belt

Satisfactory train not loading

If you arrive at a station and the train does not unload, then there are several possibilities:

  • You are manually driving the train.

  • Your station freight platform is not set to unload. This can be solved easily through the menu of the platform itself.