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Best Crop for Money - Hypixel Skyblock Farming Guide

When it comes to earning money in Hypixel SkyBlock, farming crops is one of the best options. However, choosing the right crop to farm is crucial, as different crops produce varying profits.

What is the Best Crop for Money in Hypixel Skyblock

Melons and pumpkins are among the most profitable crops. However, they rely on RNG, so at certain levels, it may be useful to explore other options like wheat, potatous, cactus and Nether Warts.

Through the following guide, you will learn the secrets and tips to increase your profits while farming in your Hypixel Skyblock.

Which Crop to Farm by Level

One of the most crucial methods to increase the number of crops you can farm, and consequently, the money you can earn, is by leveling up. There are a total of 60 levels, which you can check in the "Farming Skills" section.


Farming Skills

With each level you advance, your "Farming Fortune" also rises, increasing your chances of harvesting multiple crops while farming, among other benefits.

To level up, you need to visit Jacob and Anita in the Hub and complete the missions they offer you.



Picking the right crops to farm can be tricky. Some crops are easier to grow and more rewarding, depending on your level.

For those new to farming, wheat and potatoes are great options because of their simplicity and decent profits when sold to NPCs. However, they may not yield as much money as melons or pumpkins. There are certain farm configurations where you can obtain significant amounts of money.

Mushrooms may not be the best choice for profits, although they can be a good idea if your goal is to level up quickly.

Melons and pumpkins are top earners, but their profits depend on RNG. Improving farming tools and utilizing pet bonuses can greatly increase profits. Other crops like nether wart and cacti are also profitable but must be sold in the Bazaar.

Top Tools for Farming in Skyblock

Some tools provide different benefits when farming crops. These are the top farming tools and the unique bonuses they offer:

The Rookie Hoe:

Obtainable from the Farm Merchant, offers a 50% chance to drop Seeds.

The Hoe of Great Tilling and Basic Gardening Hoe:

Provide advantages such as tilling a 3x3 area of farmland and boosting farming fortune by +5, respectively.

The Advanced Gardening Hoe:

Available at SkyMart, increases farming fortune by +10.

The Hoe of Greater Tilling:

Also from Anita but requiring a Silver Medal, tills a 5x5 area of farmland.

The Cactus Knife:

Also obtained from Anita with a Gold Medal, allows instant breaking of cactus.

The Fungi Cutter:

A rare find from Anita with a Gold Medal, grants a +30% boost to mushroom drops.


Basic Wooden Tool

You can also craft farming hoes using the Mathematical Hoe Blueprint, available from Anita with a Gold Medal. These are hoes like Euclid's Wheat Hoe, Gauss Carrot Hoe, Pythagorean Potato Hoe, Turing Sugar Cane Hoe, and Newton Nether Warts Hoe, each offering a harvest boost ranging from +10% to +50% for their respective crops, along with a gain in farming or alchemy experience.

To maximize your farming efficiency across different crops, choose the hoe that offers the most benefits for each specific type of crop. These tools can also be reforged to enhance their abilities.