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Minecraft Beacon - Setup, Crafting Recipe, Range and how to use

To craft a beacon, you need to defeat the wither. It is recommended to fight it in a cave or underground to prevent it from flying away. Once defeated, you will obtain the Nether Star, which you can use to craft the beacon.



Minecraft Beacon Recipe

To craft the beacon, you need to use a crafting table. The materials you need are three blocks of obsidian, five blocks of glass, and a Nether Star that you have obtained by defeating the Wither. The recipe for the beacon in Minecraft is as follows: You must place obsidian at the base of the crafting table, the Nether star in the center, and fill the rest of the table with glass.


Beacon Recipe

Beacon Setup - Pyramid Dimensions

Once the beacon is crafted, it will grant you access to certain permanent potion effects within a specific range. To unlock more potent potion effects, you'll need to empower the beacon using blocks of iron, gold, netherite, diamond, or emerald.

To choose each potion effect or switch to another effect, you'll need to place an iron ingot or another appropriate material in the beacon's menu.


Beacon Menu

Tier 1 Beacon Pyramid

The initial beacon setup is the most basic and minimal for it to function. It will allow you to choose between the "Speed" and "Haste" effects. To create it, a total of nine blocks will be required. It's advisable to use iron blocks as they are the easiest to obtain. You should place these blocks in a 3x3 square and put the beacon on top, as shown in the following image:


Tier 1

Tier 2 Beacon Pyramid

The next setup unlocks the "Resistance" and "Jump Boost" effects. To create it, you need a total of 34 blocks, which you should arrange in a pyramid shape as shown below. Remember that the interior of the beacon must be complete to ensure its functionality.


Tier 2

Tier 3 Beacon Pyramid

The third level allows you to unlock only the "Strength" effect. To build this setup, a total of 83 blocks will be required, arranged in a pyramid shape as depicted in the following images:


Tier 3

Tier 4 Beacon Pyramid

The final level of the beacon is the most significant of all. To set up this configuration, you need a total of 164 blocks. This level allows you to unlock the "Regeneration" effect, but it also unlocks a new capability.

Now you can select two effects simultaneously instead of just one, as before. Alternatively, you can choose a single effect, but at level 2. This means you could simultaneously choose two effects, such as "Strength" and "Resistance", or opt for just one of them at level 2, like "Strength II".


Tier 4

What is the Beacon Range

The range of the beacon depends on its setup. For instance, if it has only one layer, the range will be 20 blocks; if it has two layers, the range will extend to 30 blocks; with three layers, the range becomes 40 blocks, and if there are four layers, the range reaches 50 blocks.

Why is my Beacon not working?

Occasionally, you might notice that the beacon isn't functioning. What causes this phenomenon? Well, it could be due to an incomplete interior in the beacon.

If there's a gap of air inside, the beacon won't work (or at least not at its maximum level). If you've checked this aspect and it still isn't functioning, make sure you've placed the required mineral ingot to select the desired effect.