Minecraft Warden: Discover all the secrets of the ancient cities

Hey fellow Minecrafters! I've been on an epic adventure exploring the Deep Dark biome, facing the fearsome Warden, and uncovering the secrets of Ancient Cities. These immense underground cities were introduced with the 1.19 update, known as "The Wild Update."



What's the Warden?

The Warden is a new mob in Minecraft, and it's unlike anything else! It's big, it's mean, and it's waiting for you in the Deep Dark biome. The Warden isn't just any mob; it's a whole new level of tough. It's sensitive to vibrations, so you've got to be sneaky. And when it sees you, get ready for a fight. The Warden's appearance is terrifying, with its hulking frame and glowing eyes. It's a challenge that every Minecraft player should experience.

Finding and Battling the Warden

So, you want to find the Warden in Minecraft? Let me tell you, it's not like finding any other mob. The Warden doesn't just spawn anywhere; it comes out of the ground when you mess around with these things called sculk shriekers. You have to activate them four times, and then the Warden starts to emerge. It takes a bit of time, and during that, you can't even touch it.

These sculk shriekers are scattered all over the ancient city. You must avoid running at all costs. Any sound will summon a Warden, so be careful when exploring. The Warden doesn't care about fire or lava, and you can't just knock it back. It will chase you down narrow corridors and sniff you out if you try to hide.

findwarden sculkwarden

Now, battling the Warden is a whole different story. It has the highest melee damage of all the mobs, and can hit you with its fists or send a sonic boom your way. What's really interesting about the Warden is that it's blind. It can't see you, but it can feel vibrations and even smell you.

Try sneaking around it, throwing snowballs to distract it, and even using wool to muffle your steps. It's like playing a game of cat and mouse. The Warden doesn't care about fire or lava, and you can't just knock it back. It will chase you down narrow corridors and sniff you out if you try to hide.

Minecraft warden drop

When you defeat the Warden, it drops a sculk catalyst block. This block converts adjacent blocks into other sculk blocks when it receives experience. In this way, it can be used to generate a multitude of sculk blocks in your own base, away from the dangers of the ancient cities.

The deep dark biome

The Deep Dark biome in Minecraft is a special place found way down underground. It's a dark area with only a little light coming from things called sculk catalysts. You'll see lots of sculk blocks and veins, and it all looks very different and a bit scary. There are no regular monsters here, but there's something called the Warden that you might run into if you're not careful. You can also find ancient cities and other cool things to explore. The Deep Dark is a fun and different part of the game that's exciting to check out. In this biome you can find the warden.

deepdark1 deepdark2

How to locate minecraft warden with commands

If you're having trouble finding the Warden, you can use game commands. It's a quick way to jump into the action. Just type the following command:

/locate structure minecraft:ancient_city

This command will provide you with the coordinates of the nearest ancient city. You can teleport automatically by opening the chat and clicking on the coordinates. You can also summon a Warden in creative mode using a Warden spawn egg.

You can also find ancient cities in minecraft by using the previous command.

What are Ancient Cities in Minecraft?

Ancient Cities in Minecraft are fascinating structures found deep underground in the deep dark biome. These cities are known for their unique architecture, with large palaces and long corridors. The floor is filled with different types of wool, and there are soul lanterns, candles, and various forms of deepslate and sculk. Sculk shriekers are more common here than in other parts of the deep dark biome, adding to the mysterious atmosphere.

How to Find Ancient Cities?

Finding Ancient Cities requires exploration within the deep dark biome, specifically at layer -51. The entrance is marked by unique structures made of deepslate, polished basalt, and other materials. Inside, you'll find hidden basements with redstone circuitry and secret entrances controlled by sculk sensors.

The layout includes chambers, barracks, camps, and ruins, each with its own features and treasures. The combination of intricate design and hidden mechanisms makes exploring Ancient Cities an exciting part of the game.

ancientcity ancientcityportal

Minecraft Ancient City Loot

Exploring the Ancient Cities in Minecraft can be a rewarding experience, especially when you stumble upon the hidden chests filled with valuable loot. Among the common items, you might find Coal, Bone, and Soul Torch, which can be useful for crafting and lighting your way.

There's also a chance to discover Books and Potions of Regeneration, providing you with knowledge and healing abilities. Unique to the Ancient Cities are Disc Fragments and Amethyst Shards, mysterious items that may hold secrets of the past.

The loot in the Ancient Cities doesn't stop at the basics. You may also find rare and enchanted items that can enhance your gameplay. Enchanted Books with special enchantments like Swift Sneak, Enchanted Iron Leggings, and even Damaged Enchanted Diamond Hoe can be part of your treasure haul. Music Discs with various tunes, including "13," "cat," and "otherside," add to the entertainment value.

loot1 loot2

For those looking to equip their horses, Diamond Horse Armor and Saddles are available. Unique items like Sculk Sensors, Sculk Catalysts, and echo shards are exclusive to the Ancient Cities, making the exploration even more worthwhile.

Special templates like Ward Armor Trim Smithing Template and Silence Armor Trim Smithing Template provide customization options for your gear. The variety and rarity of these items make the Ancient Cities a must-visit destination for adventurers in Minecraft.