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Satisfactory Space Elevator - Size and 1-4 Phases Guide

One of the main mechanics of the video game Satisfactory is to unlock new materials and parts with which to build new factories and ways of obtaining energy. These unlocks are found in the different "Tiers" of the hub. Each tier allows you to unlock new functions and advantages in exchange for a sum of resources.


Space Elevator

Similarly, to unlock these tiers, it is necessary to level up the space elevator. In this way, you can unlock tiers I and II without the need for a space elevator. However, tiers III and IV will require a phase 1 space elevator, tiers V and VI a phase 2 elevator, and tiers VII and VIII a phase 3 elevator.



Satisfactory space elevator foundation size

The space elevator size is 7x7 foundation blocks. Considering that each foundation block is a square of 8 meters, then the size of the space elevator's base will be 56x56 meters. Therefore, as we can see, it is one of the largest constructions in the game, and from it, we can access a menu where we input the necessary items to upgrade it to the next phase.


Space Elevator Foundation

Space elevator satisfactory phase 1

In order to unlock Phase 1 of the space elevator, it is necessary to manufacture 50 smart platings. Each plating is obtained from 1 reinforced iron plate and 1 rotor. This is the most basic level of the space elevator and allows for the unlocking of tiers III and IV.

50 Smart plating

Space elevator satisfactory phase 2

Next, we are going to upgrade it to phase 2. For that, we need 500 smart plating, 500 versatile framework, and 100 automated wiring. This way, we will unlock new tiers in the hub. As we can see, the requirements to increase its level increase as we increase the phase.

500 Smart plating

500 Versatile framework

100 Automated wiring

Space elevator satisfactory phase 3

To reach phase 3, we will need the following items: 2500 versatile framework, 500 modular engine, and 100 adaptive control unit. This way, we will unlock all possible tiers of the main hub.

2500 Versatile framework

500 Modular engine

100 Adaptive control unit

Space elevator satisfactory phase 4

Finally, we are going to upgrade the space elevator to phase 4. For this, we will need 4000 assembly director system, 4000 magnetic field generator, 1000 nuclear pasta, and 1000 thermal propulsion rocket. This is the maximum level that the space elevator can reach. Once we reach this level, we will unlock the possibility of acquiring a mug in the AWESOME shop.

4000 Assembly director system

4000 Magnetic field generator

1000 Nuclear pasta

1000 Thermal propulsion rocket

Where to build the space elevator in satisfactory

Given the enormous dimensions of the space elevator, keep in mind that placing it in the center of your base may take up space that you could use to develop your factories.

Also, note that its only use is to upgrade it to the next phase and unlock new hub tiers. Therefore, you should place it at a certain distance from your base, but always keeping it accessible.

The next section of the article will cover the resources required to upgrade it to the next phase.