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The eDPI calculator allows you to obtain your eDPI based on the sensitivity value you are playing with and your mouse's specific DPI.

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How to calculate eDPI

Your eDPI is a key metric for synchronizing sensitivity across different games. It is obtained as the product of the sensitivity you are using in a particular videogame and your mouse's DPI resolution value. You can use this calculator to quickly obtain it.

For example, to synchronize the sensitivity of two games if you are using two mouse of different models and DPI, both eDPI values must match. You can easily adjust sensitivity between two games through the Sensitivity Converter.


How do I use eDPI calculator?

You only need two values to calculate your eDPI. The first value is the in-game sensitivity, which you can obtain from the options menu under mouse settings. You can use the eDPI calculator in any game, such as Valorant, CS:GO, Fortnite, Overwatch, Minecraft...

On the other hand, the mouse DPI can be obtained from the technical specifications of your mouse model.