Starfield Cheat Engine - Infinite Credits, Items & Weapons with Console Commands

In Starfield, just like in most games, there's a cheat engine that some players use. But in reality, you don't really need it. Starfield has an incredible tool called a console, and with some simple commands, you can do a bunch of stuff without the use of external cheats.

Through the following guide, you will discover the most useful commands in Starfield, allowing you to progress rapidly in your space adventures.

  • How to get infinite credits in Starfield

  • The most important console commands of Starfield

  • Give Item Command in Starfield

Please note that using any type of console command will disable achievements for the rest of the game, so consider carefully if this is what you want to do.

How to get infinite credits in Starfield

Getting infinite credits in Starfield is really easy, and contrary to what most people believe, there's no need for Cheat Engine; you can simply use the game's built-in console. With a straightforward command, you can obtain as many credits as you want (at the expense of disabling achievements).

To do this, just open the console by pressing the [~] key. Once open, type in the following command:

player.additem 0000000f [credits]

For example, if you wanted to add 10,000 credits to your character, you would have to use the following command:

player.additem 0000000f 10000

To use the command, simply open the console, paste the command into the text bar, and press Enter. You can close the console when you're done by pressing the same key you used to open it, [~].


Starfield Console

As you can see, obtaining infinite credits is just a command away. However, there are many other useful commands, as presented below.

Starfield Console Commands

If you're on PC and have a keyboard, you can open the Starfield console by pressing the [~] key. Note that if your keyboard is from another country, the console access key might be on a different key.

The most important commands in Starfield range from god mode and noclip to those that allow you to obtain any in-game item or even move at maximum speed regardless of weight. However, it is advisable not to abuse these commands, as they disable achievements, and misuse can negatively impact saved game progress.

To go directly to the command: God Mode, No Clip, Immortal Mode, Pay Off Bounties, Change Outfit, Wait Command, Respec Skills, Add EXP, Unlock Doors, Give Item Command

Starfield God Mode Console Command

As the name suggests, the god mode provides infinite health and stamina, as well as the ability to carry any weight. It can be easily activated using the following command.


To deactivate the god mode, simply access the console again and type tgm. This will return you to normal mode.

Starfield No Clip

The no-clip feature in Starfield allows you to pass through any obstacle in your path, from walls to objects. But not only that, it also enables you to fly and reach your destination faster. To activate it, you can use this command:


To deactivate the no-clip, open the console and type the same command.

Immortal Mode

You won't take any damage. Unlike god mode, you don't have infinite stamina, and you can't carry any weight.


Pay off All Faction Bounties

If you have a bounty from any faction over your head, you can pay it off immediately by simply using this straightforward command. To use the command, you need to know the ID of the faction from which you want to clear the bounty. You can find all the faction IDs in the following list.

player.paycrimegold 0 0 [Faction ID]

Change Player Outfit

You can also change the character's clothing and style through the following command.


Starfield Wait/Sleep Command

If you need time to pass quickly to complete a mission, you can use the following command, which opens a menu allowing you to wait for the necessary duration.

showmenu sleepwaitmenu

Respec your skills Command in Starfield

To respec your skills in Starfield, you can use the following command. Keep in mind that you need to know the ID of the perk you want to add or remove. To add a perk:

player.addperk [perk_ID]

To remove a perk:

player.removeperk [perk_ID]

Add EXP & set level to your player with commands

To add experience points to your character in Starfield, you can use the following command in the console:

player.modav experience [exp_amount]

For example, if you wanted to add 1000 experience points to your character, you would have to use the following command:

player.modav experience 1000

If instead, you want to directly set the character's level, use the following command:

player.setlevel [level]

Unlock doors in Starfield

To unlock any door or obstacle in Starfield, you can use the following command:


Give Item Command in Starfield

However, the utility of these commands extends further; obtaining any in-game item becomes effortless with a simple command, requiring only knowledge of its ID.

player.additem [item_ID] [number_of_items_you_want]

Console Commands Disable Achievements in Starfield

Yes, using console commands in Starfield disables achievements for the remainder of the gameplay.

It's up to you to decide whether you want to use these commands in your game or, alternatively, if you prefer to play without utilizing the console.