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How Legacy Gems and Divine Legacy Work in Smite 2 - Linking Accounts and Cross-Gen Skins

Most SMITE 1 content will not be transferred directly to SMITE 2. However, players will be rewarded through two new systems in SMITE 2 - Legacy Gems and Divine Legacy.

  • How Legacy Gems Work in Smite 2?

  • How Divine Legacy Work in Smite 2?

  • Why you should link your Smite 1 and 2 accounts?

  • Benefits of linking your accounts

How Legacy Gems Work in Smite 2?

Legacy Gems are a new form of in-game currency and reward system in SMITE 2. They serve as a bridge between SMITE 1 and SMITE 2. This guide will explain how legacy gems work in SMITE 2 and how you can use them in the game.

In SMITE 2, you will receive Legacy Gems equivalent to the Gems you spent in SMITE 1. These Legacy Gems cover half the cost of most in-game purchases, including skins, Battle Passes, and events. You can continue using Legacy Gems until your balance hits zero.


Smite 2 Skins

Founder's Pack:

If you purchase the SMITE Founder's Pack, there's an additional reward. You will receive 100% of the gems you spent on SMITE 1, plus an additional 100%. This effectively doubles your return, giving you a total of 200% return on gems spent in SMITE 1.

They can only cover 50% of an item's purchase price in SMITE 2, and may also be limited to "most items", excluding certain purchases. There may be changes to the pricing of skins in SMITE 2 which could affect the value of Legacy Gems.

Some skins which initially were part of SMITE 1 and ported over to SMITE 2 can be bought exclusively with Legacy Gems.

How Divine Legacy Work in Smite 2?

Divine Legacy is an event spanning both SMITE 1 and SMITE 2. It is designed to reward players for their progress and achievements in the game, creating a sense of continuity and accomplishment.

Divine Legacy is an event that rewards players for mastering gods, playing ranked matches, unlocking skins, and spending time in the game. You can earn points each year, unlocking rewards in both SMITE 1 and SMITE 2.


Smite 2

In SMITE 1, players have the option to select Tier 5 and Tier 4 skins as rewards. In SMITE 2, you will receive badges showcasing achievements, Star Count, Mastery Level and rare skins. Additionally, up to 11 free skins can be earned in SMITE 2, with each symbolizing a year of the game's existence.

Is it possible to complete Divine Legacy as a new player?

New players can also complete Divine Legacy. To do so, they need to level up the masteries for at least five gods from each year's list to diamond. This achievement requires significant gameplay and unlocking or purchasing various gods.

Linking your accounts between SMITE 1 and SMITE 2 is important to get all the benefits from Legacy Gems and Divine Legacy rewards. It ensures a smooth transfer of your progress, achievements, and rewards from the first game to the second. Plus, it's necessary to receive Legacy Gems and Divine Legacy rewards.

To link your accounts, you need to connect your SMITE 1 Hi-Rez account with your SMITE 2 account. The specific instructions for this process will be provided by the game developers or through in-game prompts.


Smite 2 Gameplay

It's important to note that the account linking process is irreversible, so make sure to follow the instructions provided by the developers carefully to link your account.

Linking your accounts has two main benefits:

Legacy Gems: When your accounts are linked, you will receive Legacy Gems in SMITE 2 based on your expenditure in SMITE 1.

Divine Legacy Rewards: Linked accounts grant access to Divine Legacy rewards. These can include skins, badges, and other in-game items in SMITE 2.