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Satisfactory Fuel Generator - Layout, Setup and Oil Extractor

The fuel generator produces much more energy compared to the coal generator. Instead of using coal, it runs on fuel. However, obtaining this fuel isn't a direct extraction from the environment, it involves the process of oil refining.

Each fuel generator consumption is 12m3/min of fuel and produces an impressive 150MW of power, which is significantly more than what can be produced with coal.

Satisfactory oil locations

In order to extract and produce energy using oil, the first step is to locate it on the map. This can be a difficult task as oil reserves are not easily visible and may require exploration.

On the following map, we provide you with a list of locations where you can find oil and begin extraction. These spots have been marked on the map with a symbol that represents oil, making it easier for you to identify them.


Oil Location Map

Since oil is transported through pipelines, it is preferable to process it near the extraction site. By doing this, you can save resources.


Oil Biome

Satisfactory oil extractor and setup

Once you have located the oil extraction site, the next step is to place an oil extractor and connect it to the power lines. The extractor will use the power supply to extract the oil from the ground and pump it to the surface.


Oil Extractor

From there, you will need to connect the output of the extractor to a pipeline to transport the oil to your processing facilities or storage tanks.


Pipe System

Satisfactory Refinery - Transform oil into fuel

Now that we have crude oil, the next step is to process it to obtain energy. To do this, we will use a refinery. Once you have constructed the refinery, you need to connect the pipeline carrying the oil to the refinery and access its menu to select what you want to produce, in this case, "Fuel". When you start the production process, the refinery will produce both fuel and polymer resin.



Satisfactory Polymer Resin

Polymer resin is a valuable resource that can be used to produce a wide range of products, including plastic. It can also be discarded.


Refinery Menu

Satisfactory fuel generator

Once we have obtained the fuel, the next step is to connect the output of the refinery to the input of the fuel generator. It is important to note that a single refinery can produce a significant amount of fuel (40m3/min), which can be used to power multiple fuel generators.


Fuel Generator

Fuel generator layout

A simple layout for a fuel generator setup can consist of 10 fuel generators, which will consume a total of 120m3/min of fuel. This amount of fuel can be produced by three refineries, which can then be connected to the fuel generators via pipelines. With this setup, you can produce a total of 1500MW of power, which is a substantial amount of energy that can power even the largest factories and machinery.


Fuel Generator Layout

It is highly recommended that the entire fuel generation process is carried out in a nearby area to save on transportation costs. One way to achieve this is by creating a platform that allows you to carry out this task efficiently and effectively.


Fuel Platform

Satisfactory fuel generator consumption calculator

Through the use of the following calculator, you have the ability to adjust the values of fuel consumption and energy production to create a layout that meets your specific requirements. This tool allows you to fine-tune the ratio of fuel generators to refineries in order to achieve maximum efficiency and output.


FUEL NEEDED (m3/min)



Storage Tanks