Breed Villagers in Minecraft: All the tips for generating villagers in your survival

Breeding villagers is one of those essential tasks that every Minecraft player must undertake in their survival world. By doing so, you can amass a large number of villagers without the need to find new villages and spend vast amounts of time transporting them via boats or minecarts.

Through the following guide, you'll learn the art of breeding villagers, enabling you to replicate this process easily in your survival worlds. Once you are able to generate villagers in large quantities, you can employ them in the creation of multiple farms, whether for food or other resources.

How to breed villagers in minecraft

By breeding villagers, you can expand your village, create specialized trades, build automated farms, and enhance security with Iron Golems. It is not as simple as throwing two villagers together and waiting for a baby to appear.

Preparing for villager breeding

Before you begin to breed villagers, it's necessary to undertake a series of steps that will enable you to carry out this process successfully. These steps include selecting the villagers and providing sufficient food.

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How to create a simple villager farm that allows you to breed villagers.

The process to breed villagers is as follows. First, head to a village and dig a hole two blocks deep in the ground. This hole should be large enough to accommodate all the villagers and beds. Next, fill the floor of the hole with beds. It's important to place as many beds as possible. Once you've ensured that the villagers have no way to escape from the hole, bring two villagers from the village using a minecart or boat and place them on top of the beds.

Then, I recommend giving each of them 64 carrots. This is the entire process you need to follow. Ensure there's a bed for every villager in the hole and for every villager you intend to produce. This means the minimum number of beds you should have is three: two for the parent villagers and one for the new villager. Keep in mind that during the process, iron golems may spawn around the villager farm.

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What can you use this villagers on

These villagers are fundamental for trading, allowing you to acquire emeralds, which in turn can be used to obtain enchantments, armor, and other high-quality items that the villagers offer. On the other hand, villagers are key components in numerous farms, being indispensable in iron farms. The creation of iron farms allows you to get tons of iron ingots, and villagers play a vital role in generating iron golems.

Villagers can also be employed to automate the collection of food items such as carrots or potatoes. By setting up specialized farms and utilizing the unique behaviors of the villagers, you can create efficient and automated systems. This allows you to focus on other aspects of the game while ensuring a steady supply of food and resources.