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Red Block Palette Generator - All Minecraft Red Blocks

Red Block Palette Generator


All Minecraft Red Blocks

All the red blocks in Minecraft that you can use in your constructions and how you can obtain them:

Crimson Nylium

You can find it in Crimson Forest biomes. Obtain it by using a hoe on Nylium blocks.

Fire Coral Block

It generates in coral reefs. You can harvest it with a tool for use in constructions.

Mangrove Log Top

It's the top side of mangrove logs. Obtain it by cutting mangrove trees.

Mangrove Planks

Craft them from mangrove wood blocks. Place mangrove logs in a crafting table to obtain.

Nether Wart Block

Crafted from Nether Wart. Use 9 Nether Warts in a crafting grid to create the block.


Commonly found in the Nether. Mine it using any pickaxe.

Red Concrete

Place red concrete powder in water to obtain it.

Red Concrete Powder

Crafted from red dye, sand, and gravel. Combine these materials in a crafting table to create the powder.

Red Glazed Terracotta

Crafted by smelting red terracotta. Place red terracotta in a furnace to obtain.

Red Mushroom Block

Found naturally in mushroom fields. Can be obtained with Silk Touch.

Red Nether Bricks

Crafted from nether bricks and nether wart. Combine nether bricks and nether wart in a crafting table to obtain.

Red Shulker Box

Crafted by dyeing a shulker box with red dye. Combine a shulker box and red dye in a crafting table to obtain.

Red Stained Glass

Crafted by combining glass blocks with red dye in a crafting table.

Red Terracotta

Obtainable by combining terracotta and red dye in a crafting table.

Red Wool

Crafted by combining white wool with red dye in a crafting table.

Redstone Block

Crafted using 9 redstone dust in a crafting table.

Stripped Mangrove Log

Obtained by using an axe on mangrove logs found in mangrove biomes.

Stripped Mangrove Log Top

The top side of a stripped mangrove log, obtained by stripping mangrove logs.


The top surface of a TNT block, commonly found in desert temples or crafted using gunpowder and sand.









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