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Is Nightingale Cross-platform? - Multiplayer PC Cross-play

Nightingale does not support cross-platform play. The game, at launch, is exclusive to PC and does not permit crossplay functionalities with other platforms.

Nightingale is exclusively available on PC. Other console versions have not been announced yet.

Nightingale Cross-play and Multiplayer Status




Not Cross-play




Nightingale Synopsis

Nightingale is a survival game set in a Victorian-era world. Survival is key as players explore, craft, and battle through diverse landscapes, encountering intense combat and fantastical creatures. Join forces with friends to uncover hidden secrets!

Will Nightingale support crossplay in the future?

While Nightingale doesn't support crossplay at launch, the developers have not ruled out the possibility of incorporating cross-platform play in the future. No specific timeline or plans have been disclosed yet.

Can players expect cross-progression in Nightingale?

At launch, Nightingale does not offer cross-progression, suggesting that the progression achieved on one platform may not be carried onto another.

The developers have not shared any plans about introducing this feature.

Is Nightingale anticipated to become cross-generation?

There is currently no publicly available information about Nightingale becoming cross-generation. Any future updates on this matter will likely be shared by the game's developers.

Will Nightingale be released on Xbox Game Pass?

As of now, Nightingale isn't situated to launch on Xbox Game Pass. The game is initially launched as a PC exclusive, with no current plans to expand to Xbox Game Pass or other services.